Aramid packing impregnated with PTFE and graphite


The packing is made of aramid yarn impregnated with high-temperature grease containing PTFE and fine-grained graphite. In the case of needs resulting from application of the packing, corrosion inhibitor may be optionally used. EAP/G is packing having unique technical properties. Application of aramid yarn enables using sealing at the highest pressures.
Graphite discharges the excess of heat and gives an excellent effect of slip, minimizing friction resistances.


Particularly recommended in pumps and fittings exposed to the impact of the abrasive
materials such as suspension of sands, sewage and other materials having abrasive effect on the packings. Designed for operation in high pressures in contact with water, steam, solutions of salt, average-power acids and organic agents such as: fuel, oils, lubricants or solvents.

Technical parameters